VOl 1- Issue 3

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A research Agenda on the Corporate Social Responsibility in Iran: Issues and challenges of Best Practices with practical steps

Hassan Danaee Fard, Ali Asghar Fani, Ali Reza Hassan zadeh

Techno park structure as the economic institution of developing innovative economy

Oksana Akhmetzianova-Elena A. Lyashenko

A Study on the Role of the Social Cleavages Caused by Modernization in Political Instability in Iran (1941-1978)

Ali Reza Saeid Panah

On the issue of social and economic development of single-industry city at the modern stage (On the example the Votkinsk city the Udmurt Republic)- RUSSIAN PAPER

Natalia Obukhova- Olga Neganova

Diversification of the economy of single-industry city, as an economic development factor in the region (On the example of the city Votkinsk the Udmurt Republic)- RUSSIAN PAPER

Natalia Obukhova- Shaidurova Nataliia Sergeevna

Comparative Study of Theory of Social Construction of Reality and Enactment Theory of Allameh Tabatabayi and Explaining Its Implications for Public Policy

Morteza Javan Ali Azar- Hassan Danaee Fard

Designing an Appropriate Model of Organizational Culture in Order to Promote Critical Thinking (Case Study: Islamic Azad University faculty members of East Azerbaijan Province)

Mohammad Bakhtazmaybonab- Ramazanali Royaee- Mehdi Iran Nejad Parizi- Aliakbar Farhanghi

Analysis of New Zealand’s Model of Tourism Development and Its Results: A lesson from Mexican Tourism Development and Public Administors

Diego Hannon Ovies- Arturo Laure Vidriales

Educational Curriculum for Iranian Human Science Students in Higher Education to be Effective in Managerial and Policy Making Positions;A Fuzzy Perspective

Hassan Najafi Asl

Organizational Justice and Social Responsibility of Private Sector in North West of Iran

Mohammad Ahmad Zadeh

Clarification on Policy Myopia in Policy Making System

Lotfollah Foruzande , Jalil Delkhah, Hassan Danaee Fard, Mohsen Miri

Assessing and Prioritizing the Factors Affecting Liquidation of East Azerbaijan Gas Company Contracts

Mohammad Bakht Azmay, Mohammad Reza Noruzi, Mohammad Reza Setiz, Mohammad Araghi

Factors Influencing the Implementing Target-Oriented Costing in Departments of Agriculture in East Azerbaijan

Ali Hassan Zad Aghdam

Investigating the Factors Influencing the Promotion of Dignity in Teachers Teaching in Maragheh

Farzad Homayounfar

The Effect of Empowering Personnel on Improving Efficiency in Customer Service Department of Iran Telecommunication Company 

Peyman Feizi